Japan Volunteer SHIMIZU RYOSIKE starts work at IPRC Ngoma

A Japan volunteer SHIMIZU RYOSIKE with a background in physical education  has started  to work for IPRC Ngoma as a basketball coach and physical educator for a duration of two years.

Shimizu  is working under the Volunteer’s Program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). He started officially his functions on February 13, 2020 at IPRC Ngoma.

The Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.-Ing. Ephrem Musonera welcomed officially the volunteer on Feb.11,2020. Mr. RYOSIKE  was accompanied by the  JICA Volunteer’s Program Coordinator  Mr. Shinji Saisho and the officer in charge of Volunteer’s program management at JICA Mr.Iddy Habiyambere.

Dipl.-Ing. Musonera  assured Shimizu of fruitful collaboration and told him to feel comfortable and free to cordially team up with him and the staff  during his stay at IPRC Ngoma.

The Volunteer’s program officer Habiyambere  said that Shimizu’s functions will include maintaining and fostering relations between JICA and IPRC Ngoma.

Therefore JICA can  support projects of IPRC Ngoma initiated by Mr. Shimizu in collaboration with the College staff.

Mr. Shimizu said he was honored to work for IPRC Ngoma and was confident in his expectations that through his functions , sports activities will be upgraded. He said that he hoped to make IPRC Ngoma basketball team stronger.

The sports and culture officer at IPRC Ngoma Mr. Viateur Nshimiyimana said it was a good opportunity to work with an experienced and skilled physical educator Mr, Shimizu.

”He will help in many things as we are facing different challenges in sports like a shortage of coaches especially in basketball. We will work hand in hand. I will learn many things from him. We will share experiences, ” he said.

Even if the Shimizu’s work will be focused on sports activities, he will also offer to perform other functions in case of need, so as to help the institution achieve its mission.