Youth Mentoring Program prepares a promising future to the youth and raises awareness of TVET

With almost a three-week implementation during the holidays of 2019, the Youth Mentoring Program initiated by IPRC Ngoma has played an important role in preparing a bright future to the youth through instilling into them entrepreneurial spirit, passion for TVET and patriotism.

Started on December 02, the annual program was officially closed on December 20, 2019 at IPRC Ngoma with a success.  The program benefited  45 beneficiaries,  mainly from Ngoma district.

Initiated and implemented by IPRC Ngoma, the program is aimed at  empowering youth in creative and innovative thinking, emotional and intelligence and leadership skills, competition and volunteering spirit, business and entrepreneurial skills, developing their autonomy through different activities which also builds their self-esteem.

The youth mentoring program is mainly composed by two programs designed to respond to youth kids depending on their age. Those programs are Space for Children for kids attending primary schools and Make them Job creators for kids attending high schools. The both programs are conducted in parallel at IPRC Ngoma campus during Christmas Holydays.

Space for Children Program T was designed to help the kids from primary schools to grow up with a positive awareness on TVETs, an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, the culture of patriotism volunteering, Rwandan values (indangagaciro na kirazira z’umuco nyarwanda), self-organizing capacity, and to exercise their autonomy and build their self-esteem. The program also intends to impart skills that enable the children to self-lead and lead others, install the spirit of teamwork and nurture their emotional intelligence.

Make them job creators program is a program designed to empower the students of secondary school through the leadership skills, business mentorship skills, financial skills and entrepreneurial skills in order to contribute greatly to the rapid socio-economic transformation of our country. The empowered youth will help to change the mind set and raise the confidence of their colleagues and enable them to shift from the spirit of job seeking to job creation.

In additional this program will also raise their awareness on TVETs through different activities of handcraft. This will make them ambassadors of Vocational training and careers, and job creation spirit among their fellows.