Education Minister from the State of Rhineland Palatinate Dr. Hubig accompanied by Rwanda’s Minister Dr.Mutimura visit IPRC Ngoma

Hon. Dr. Stephanie Hubig, Minister of Education in the state of  Rhineland Palatinate, Germany and Dr.Eugene Mutimura, Minister of Education in Rwanda visited IPRC Ngoma on September 08, 2019 and commended the fruits of the partnership between Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate,, especially in education.

Minister Hubig paid an official visit  alongside Randolf  Stich, the Secretary of State  in the Ministry of Interior and Sports, and other members of the delegation.

Other dignitaries visiting IPRC Ngoma were the Dr. James Gashumba, Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic and Mr. Aphrodise Nambaje, Mayor of Ngoma district.

The German delegation members included the Members of Parliament and the representatives of TVET schools and teachers.

In his welcoming remarks, the Principal of IPRC Ngoma Dipl.-Ing. Ephrem Musonera said that the state of Rhineland Palatinate, as a long-lasting partner and friend, has played a big role in the development of Rwanda in various socio-economic sectors mainly in Education, Health, Justice, Good governance and others.

”We are now delighted to laud the achievements of the partnership between IPRC Ngoma and German institutions,” he said.

Speaking about the partnership, Dr. Hubig said she thought the two countries have a lot of things in common as regards technical education and vocational training and economic development.

”Your country as our country does  not have a lot of raw materials or  natural resources, it is very important to have educated , clever young people who are dedicated to the country and want to achieve a lot for themselves, ” she said

”So I think the way you are going is absolutely the right way we can learn from you.”

The visiting delegation and Rwandan dignitaries  toured the campus especially the workshops of tiling, painting, masonry and automobile technology to learn about the provision of training in these trades which have benefited from the support of German institutions.

In his remarks, Minister Dr. Mutimura  spoke about  the partnership  in TVET, mentioning  the dual training as an important area of collaboration.

”Certainly we shall work together in various areas  particularly the dual training in TVET that I applaud IPRC Ngoma for doing very well whereby students are much more attached to the private sector, have much more time and come in a training institution  for theoretical training  that gives them an opportunity to grasp more skills and competences,” he said.

” So these are the people who are going to be more productive for our industries and various areas. ”

The partnership between IPRC Ngoma and German institutions benefited not only IPRC Ngoma, but also the TVET sub-sector in Rwanda at large.

Through the partnership with Handwerkskammer Koblenz (CSC Koblenz), a project was initiated  and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and through this project, the dual training system was piloted in Rwanda for the first time.

The dual training was  introduced  in Tiling, Masonry, Painting and Welding.

Up to now, more than 120  trainers from companies and TVET schools were trained and certified, and 81 students have graduated in dual training since 2016.

Through the partnership with the   Vocational Training School of Gemersheim (BBS Germersheim) located in Rhineland Palatinate, trainers from Rwandan TVET schools and polytechnics received training to upgrade skills.

In addition, BBS Germersheim donated to IPRC Ngoma didactic equipment worth 25 million rwf and tailored to the gaps identified in our automotive workshop.

IPRC Ngoma also has partnered with German volunteers through Senior Experts Service whereby 3 senior experts in the areas of pastry, land surveying and machine tools have conducted volunteering assignments.

Dipl.-Ing. Musonera revealed his expectation for extended partnership.

” As the ties between IPRC Ngoma and German institutions have borne fruits, we are looking forward to extended partnership for advancing TVET which is the path to job creation and sustainable economic growth, ” he said.

” I believe your visit will foster efforts and initiatives that are being undertaken in this regards.”